A History Timeline of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay
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Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay is Incorporated

Our Kiwanis Club began operations in the town of Perth with the 1974-75 year. Our first president was Joseph Rawson, a retired educator, very active in Perth life. The club was incorporated on March 15, 1975. Other officers included Ken McClelland, vice-president; Al Vallely, secretary; Hillyard McLean, treasurer.

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10th anniversary congratulations letter from the Premier of Ontario.

10th Anniversary of Kiwanis Perth

David Peterson, the Premier of Ontario commends the members of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay for their work in the community on their 10th anniversary of their charter.

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Kiwanis becomes a Co-Ed Organization

Kiwanis Perth becomes Co-ed.

Memebership in the early years was restricted to males, mostly local businessmen of the area. In 1987, by action of the Kiwanis International Convention, the rules were changed to admit women to the organization. Our membership at Kiwanis Perth has varied over the years and currently numbers between 40 and 45 members, both male and female.

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Our First Female President

Shirley Bradley is elected the first Female President of Kiwanis Perth on-Tay.

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30th anniversary of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay.

30th Anniversary of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay

Governor Dr. John Button, the board of trustess and member of Kiwanis of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean Distict award Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay on their 30th anniversary.

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Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay Celebrates 40 Years

When Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay turned 40, the mayor declared April 18, 2015 to be Kiwanis Day in Perth, Ontario. In the March 2015 declaration, Mayor John Fenik acknowledged Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay by saying "the energies of the Perth Club embraced many projects since 1975 and always had the object of benefiting the children of Perth Lanark County and the surrounding region."

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The 35th President of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay

Phil Anderson of Perth becomes the 35th person to be elected President of Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay.

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Our club wins the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean Distinguished Club award.

Kiwanis Perth-on-Tay wins the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean Distinguished Club award for the 2017/2018 year.